May 23, 2012

A Weird Kind of Day

So, I'm not particularly superstitious, but this day has been kind of weird, and I'm not sure which way its gonna go.
                 Lunch...some random dude drops a coupon off for a restaurant that's nearby that I've never heard of.  Close by...a restaurant, so I break for lunch and head there.   Not terribly big and in a location I would've never thought to look for a restaurant so I sit down and order a sandwich:  Hawaiian Ham on sour dough.   It comes out and I eat my cole slaw (not too sweet) and then start eating my sandwich:  lettuce, tomato, mayo, pineapple, but no ham.  Seriously, no ham.  I ordered a Hawaiian Ham sandwich and they forgot the ham.   So I call my waiter over, show him the sandwich and watch as he whisks my hamless ham sandwich off.   A few minutes later, he sets down another sandwich, with ham and a new side of cole slaw and says, "Chef says lunch is on us."
                Hey free lunch.
                Day goes as planned. I talk, answer e-mail, finish up some paperwork and head out to a surprise meeting at payroll as my department representative.  Over the last 3 years, all salaries at the college have been frozen.  But last year, if the budget situation improved, the college decided that it would grant a one time  disbursement to all employees (if they were still employed by such and such a date) and had started work before February 2012).  Yippee!  Free money.  I go to the meeting, listen to payroll explain how the process worked, why they're having to give paper checks instead of direct deposit, how they got it so that everyone received the same amount (if you were full-time you got $ matter whether you had a lot of dependents or none at all).  After about 45 minutes of glad handing, questions, etc. we each a get a big stack of checks to take back. 
                Back at the office, we start going through the checks and the only one missing is mine.  Everyone in our department got a check but me.  No plausible explanation (no I'm not having my income garnished for delinquent child support; yes, I've been employed since 2002 and am still employed), but I don't have a check.   Ironic?  The one person who went to the meeting to pick up the checks doesn't have one.  
                We make a few phone calls and discover that as we were speaking my check was winding its way to the Westside campus (where payroll still has me located  even though I haven't worked at the Westside for 2 years).   Weird.  I rest a bit easy, plan on not spending as much money at the grocery store, and relax.  The money's coming, but probably not till next week when they figure out I'm not there anymore and drop it in the mailbox.
                Hey free money...sort of.
                End of the day, I'm hungry and against my better judgment decide I'll give Wendy's a try.   I order and specifically substitute out my fries for a side order of macaroni and cheese.  
                The front counter guy starts filling my order and puts a big order of fries on my tray. 
                I say, "I subbed out the fries with mac and cheese." 
                He nods and then says, "Don't worry.  You can have those too."
                Hey free fries....but now I'm really confused.   This has been a weird kind of day.

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