September 23, 2021

A Year of Thursdays in the Bosque.

 Ran into a friend in the Bosque, and we both remarked about how low the rio was, and I jokingly said, "I almost feel like I should take a picture of the river every week to sort of document it."

She said, "Yeah.  That'd be interesting."

As she continued with her dog walk, I thought, "I should do that."  

With rare exceptions, I walk my dog in the bosque every Thursday morning.  And with rare exceptions, I walk the bosque behind the National Hispanic Cultural Center (sometimes parking at the NHCC and sometimes parking at the small pullout lot south off of 2nd Street).

My idea is to the take a picture in the same spot every Thursday for a year to get a photographic record of how much the river changes over time.  

I understand a lot about this caged and managed river.  Indeed, Reining in the Rio Grande is probably the first sort of scientific, historical, political book on the river I've ever read.  That's not a genre I usually read.  

Without further explanation here's day 1:

Day 1