December 22, 2011


I'm not one to advocate,
nor am I much into prescriptive rules,
and really love language and words,
but a thought occurred to me today
and I want to tease it out.
Let's just eliminate the word "disposable"
in the hope that the concept will be rethought.
Cause you see nothing is really disposable.
Disposable plates, napkins, forks, etc. get put in some landfill
where at best they're somehow recycled.
Even plastic, given time, will break down into something,
so its not really disposable.
Perhaps relocated.

Now, this poem would take a possible leftist bent if I pointed out that we really treat people as disposable:  forced labor being discarded, but at their best their bodies are recycled
if the sentience just sort of disappears.

So, planning a picnic, party, or social get together?
Why not just use cleanable dishes as opposed to dishes to just pass on to others
whether that be now or 50,000 years.

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