March 24, 2011

On Listening to the Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. 2

I imagine at the time,
that other Jazz heads,
thought him egocentric,
when he put his picture on the cover right next to:
Da Vinci, Copernicus, Pythagorus, Galileo, and Tycho Brahe.
He wasn't even a Renaissance figure or scientist,
but Heliocentric was the theme,
and listening,
you wonder how “out there” he must have been.
The more I listen,
the more I believe he just might've been an alien.
I know words like "dissonance,"
must've been regular ways he communicated with his band.
"Go there brother.
Feel it brother."

This is not jazz for massage;
this is jazz to drop a hit of acid to,
smoke some tea,
dim the lights,
turn it up really loud,
and just float.
It's the sound of empty space,
where the only sound is the various sounds,
you think you hear.
You don't hear them, because it is space and space is a largely a vacuum,
but your brain,
always listening hears it,
so it must exist.

I'm barely a month old when Sun Ra records this disk,
orchestrated noise,
scripted chaos,
Communicating sound without words.

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