May 11, 2012

Girl Wake

Blond hair
pulled back in a pony tail,
black sports bra
short, tight black shorts with red trim,
you ran by me on the other side of the road.

One guy working on a roof nearby
stepped towards his buddy,
tapped his shoulder and pointed towards you
then gave me the thumbs up.

A young man on a bike
made the Sign of the Cross
watching you and riding.

Three men, on your side,
dutifully parted
then craned their necks towards you.

A dog let out a lonesome howl;
a cat froze in place in the middle of the street;
a screech of brakes erupted;
a finch fluttered overhead,
and I smelled Honeysuckle.

Did you know you were a wave
and would leave so many men gesturing
and staring in your wake?

Did you think your wake would cause this
on your lunchtime jog?

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