January 3, 2012

The 4 Stooges

My name is Jean Phillipe Gillespie Nate the III.
And while I am one of three:
my grandfather from a land so far away
and my father who looked a lot like me
let me endeavor to showcase to you
my ruminations, extrapolations, expostulations, affirmations, enunciations, and articulations
on why it was 4 wise men who set out to see what was hanging out
under that big ol' star.
"O' beautiful star of Bethlehem"

Cause you see my gift neither glittered like gold,
or fragrated like frankincense,
or was as malodorous as myrrh.
My gift was fresh spring water,
that rolled down Mt. Ararat
over gold flecked granite
and watered the Burseracae Tree
but dried up before reaching Commiphora Myrrah.
My water is what made all this possible,
and I was giving it to you.

And during the walk, I lost track of what was yours and mine, and drank yours.  
So I had to go back...and they kept on.
This old wise fool is always late.  
And I might've had some questions I was going to ask had I made it to the church
on time,
Cause, you see, I'm the inquisitive sort
and don't see myself getting fingers jammed in eyes,
hit below the belt
or  my nose tweaked because
I'm .Jean Phillipe Gillespie Nate the III and when Larry, Curly and Moe reached you first,
they gave their gifts and didn't really understand that the greatest gift is life itself,
and I'd want to know exactly what you were thinking.

This shit, this life, is crazy....
For all we know we're here all by ourselves
and there is no one in charge,
minding the store,
behind the steering wheel.
This thing called life is some sick sort of runaway mule heading for that cliff.

No...if you'll forgive me for my protestations but emancipation ain't all its cracked up to be.  
Why Larry, Curly, and Moe just want to keep everyone laughing,  
I want them laughing too but I want them laughing because they know.
This shit, this life, is crazy....
and its scary and its a bit jacked up
But the alternative?  
The alternative to life is....
The alternative to life is....

So, if you'll forgive me, I really, really, want to know what exactly were you thinking?
Were you bored?
Or perhaps, you don't have any answers either...
now chew on that one for a bit.

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