November 15, 2011

Thrive: the Movement

Released via the internet on 11-11-11, I decided I'd sit back and give the movie  a viewing.   Foster Gamble (of the Proctor and Gamble fortune) is the narrator and basically walks you through different types of "discoveries" that he's arrived it in his effort to understand what it would take for human beings to "thrive."  Of course, what the movie does is package all the traditional conspiracies together:

Nikolai Tesla & Free Energy----------------------------------------------------Check
Alien visitation & Crop Circles--------------------------------------------------Check
The Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans and the Illuminati------------------------Check
Federal Reserve ponzi scheme--------------------------------------------------Check.
Control of food production as population control--------------------------------Check
Eye in the Pyramid on the dollar bill----------------------------------------------Check
Real Purpose of the Pyramids----------------------------------------------------Check
And the nice little wrap-up at the end is that we can all live in harmony.  

I know this makes me seem a bit cynical, but the movie wraps way too many "mysteries" in this nice glossy package.

I'm left with a couple of nagging doubts.  I'll only touch on a couple of them because I'm not sure I want to sit through the movie again to address all the problems I have with it.

If the Tesla Coil is so efficient and can basically create energy out of the air, then why hasn't anybody created a marketable version?  

Now, it may make sense that the oil/gas/coal industry is in collusion with the power companies to suppress this technology, but the level of sophistication and coordination involved seems flat-out staggering.  Solar Power and Wind are also a direct threat but I see windmills and solar panels on a small scale.   Yet, the Tesla Coil powering someone's house?   Haven't seen it.  I was unable to find anything on the net on how to actually make one that works.   Bring it on.  I'd like to power my house with one.

Why does he hint at the Truther Conspiracy and 9-11 as a False Flag Operation by showing the collapse of Tower #7 without acknowledging that the view that is always shown neglects the actual damage to the building on the other side that basically destroyed the building?

My ultimate criticism is why is it easier to believe in some sort of conspiracy than it is to believe that we are culpable in a really dysfunctional system?  If indeed we are on the verge of a great transformation, a great awakening, what is that going to look like?   Am I going to lose my job, my house, actually have to go through a few years of horrifying existence as the system transforms from a "fractional banking" system to something less speculative?   I hope not.

I guess if I want to dream about a better world, I prefer these approaches:

Empathic Civilisation
The Future of Energy

I don't want to live in a world where I'm dependent upon some benevolent E.T. to show us how to live together.   If we've been visited by aliens, then where are they?   How come they don't come and land on the Whitehouse lawn, strike up a position above every major capital until the powers that be have no choice but to acknowledge their existence?   I don't want to live in a world where I have to believe that our elected leaders are stooges, there's a ruling family that is hellbent on keeping its power and resources at the expense of way too many other humans.   It may make for great Hollywood, but it doesn't jive with the people I know.  

We, and we alone, have created this mess and its about time we took some concrete steps to reform the system to make it better for all because if we don't we're going to find ourselves living in a world that with every year becomes increasingly less livable and no amount of money, power, or control is going to change the fact that we've screwed this place up bad and we don't have any other places we can go.

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