April 1, 2011

Far Beyond These Prison Walls

Finally putting this one up here.

Far B3y0nd Th3s3 Pris0n Walls

H3y, T3d!
Wak3 up!
D0 y0u h3ar that v0ic3?
that dis3mb0di3d v0ic3?
Star3 0ut th3 wind0w.
D0 y0u s33 th3 sm0k3 3nv3l0ping skylin3s?
th3 fir3balls 3rupting fr0m high ris3s?
      th3 str33t signs buri3d und3r rubbl3?
      th3 airp0rts and r0adways b0ttl3d up with tanks?
Th0s3 ar3 f3nc3s and walls s3parating n3ighb0rs,
           w0rds flashing fr0m signs,
bursting fr0m radi0s,
                            B00MING fr0m l0udsp3ak3rs.
D0 y0u s33 th3 primary c0l0rs paint3d 0n 3v3ry str33t c0rn3r?
th3 g30m3tric patt3rns and shap3s us3d 2 3ntic3?
th3 numb3rs in fr3qu3nci3s,
angl3s in buildings,
f0rmulas in tr33s?
D0 y0u r3c0gniz3 this w0rld
wh3n y0u 3m3rg3 fr0m y0ur cabin?
D0 th3 w0rds fl0wing 0ut 0f y0ur p3n mak3 it m0r3 san3?
Ar3 y0u alarm3d?
Y0, T3d?
Ar3 y0u insan3?
B3caus3 th3y'v3 lab3l3d y0u T3d:
Brilliant Math3matician                             Paran0id Schiz0phr3nic
Int3ll3ctual                                               Mad man
T3d?                              Th30d0r3?
D03s y0ur m0th3r call y0u "T3ddy?"
Balanc3 my ch3ckb00k T3d.
What ar3 th3 0dds 0f y0u g3tting fr33?
Will this n3xt card b3 an ac3?
D0 y0u stay up all night trying t0 r3cr3at3 h0w Hipparchus
figur3d 0ut math3matically th3 3arth was r0und?
H0w by n0ting th3 angl3 0f th3 sun,
th3 p3tr0glyph lighting up 0n just th3 right day,
th3 additi0n,
kn0wl3dg3 rising 3xp0n3ntially
until th3 id3as b3c0m3 a dis3mb0di3d r3ality,
s3parat3d fr0m r3ality,
a r3ality y0u pr0c3ss by math3matical signs?
Y0u'v3 b33n r3duc3d 2 a f0rmula T3d.
a string 0f numb3rs,
variabl3s in an alg3bra that d03sn't add up,
may n3v3r add up.
Th3y'v3 assign3d a variabl3 2 y0u,
r3duc3d y0u 2 an 3quati0n,
a string 0f numb3rs that mak3s s3ns3 t0 y0ur M0th3r,
y0ur br0th3r,
th3 victims 0f y0ur crim3s,
Y0u'r3 alg3bra....that....d03sn't add up.
an 3quati0n....that....d03sn't c0mput3.
a spr3adsh33t.....that....d03sn't quit3 balanc3.
S3rial KILL3R,
UNA       B0MB3R.
H3y T3d!    LIST3N UP!
0v3r a span 0f 7 y3ars,
y0u, a Harvard 3ducat3d math3matical pr0digy,
kill3d 3 p30pl3.
Th3y w3r3 victims in y0ur  man r3b3lli0n against m0d3rn s0ci3ty,
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad T3d.
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad.
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad T3d.
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad.
Ar3 y0u h3r3 "sicki3?"
"Psych0? Fr3ak Sh0w?
"Crazy man?"
Hugh Scrutt0n's n0t h3r3.
Th0mas M0ss3r's n0t h3r3.
Gilb3rt Murray's n0t h3r3.
Y0u d0n't trust......th3 syst3m,
but th3 syst3m said y0u w3r3 2 crazy, 
2 crazy t0 kill y0u.
Psychiatrists, th3 s that y0u f3ar,
put y0u away,
dismiss3d 3v3ry thing that y0u st00d f0r as ludicr0us, friv0l0us, madn3ss.
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad T3d.
I'm a v0ic3 in y0ur h3ad.
Y0u'v3 b33n divid3d by z3r0.
W3'v3 b33n divid3d by z3r0.
L00k ar0und.
Y0u'r3 a victim.
W3'r3 all victims.
All 3,228 p3rs0naliti3s ar3 victims 0f y0u.
But n0w....
       w3'r3 3v3n w0rs3 0ff than b4.

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