February 1, 2011



Don McIver
1801 Gold Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


As a young man, I was fond of dropping trou...

finding some out of the way place:

the roof of a school cafeteria,

the top of empty bleachers,

a rock overlooking a cityscape

and announcing,

"Hey look's a full moon over Cheyenne,

Boulder, Lakewood, Golden,

out of the way remote locations,

usually after a night of suburban drinking,

or smoking,

or both.

Don't know what I was trying to achieve or hoping to prove,

but after a while

it became a running joke

and then the places weren't even remote

or private:

full moon against my best friend's bedroom window,

the dining room at our local favorite fast food joint,

the Xerox machine at my first office job.

I'm still not shy, but, older now, find reasons for keeping my pants firmly in place:

hiding behind words like



"not really feeling it."

What do we hide behind when we're on display?

ostentatious, blending in by sticking out?

How much do we notice the moon anymore?

The full moon doing nothing more than just being.

February 1,2011

Read w/ Chuck Hawley on lap steel on February 4th, 2011 Encylopedia Show:  The Moon.

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