June 12, 2010

SW Shootout 2010

Putting my thoughts here so I that I have access to them from any internet connection.

Nice show!

Eric and I hosted 2 preliminary bouts in the front room, while the other 2 bouts happened in the Theatre space.

All in all a good space, though getting to the restrooms (especially the Women's) meant there was wave of noise from the other bout (they experienced a similar experience as well).

First bout was Denver (Mercury Cafe), Dallas, and Austin and it was a good bout. Team's trying some new things (really rough group pieces) and some nice work.

Second bout was Parts Unknown (a pick-up team), the Ozarks, and Art Amok-Atlanta and it was an even closer bout.

The first poet went way over time (even without the time penalty Parts Unknown would've finished 3rd but only by 3/10ths of a point!).

Was way too tired to give into my impulses to really party. Eric B. was in fine form and at about 5:30 AM he shows up, promptly wakes my ass up with his infectious laugh. So my mind starts spinning, running the show through my head, planning for next year, etc.

Okay, no kidding or unnecessary bragging, but, damn, I'm really good tournament slam host. I am.

I'm going to probably finish my thoughts on next year (yes, I said next year) with what ABQ can and should do as host a little later today.

Don Mc

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merimee said...

OK Don--a blog bout the bouts--lookin fw to hearing more bout this yr! mm