May 31, 2010

Chama River Wilderness

Chama River Wilderness

One assumes, from close inspection, the CDT, Continental Divide Trail,
travels unbroken from Canada to Mexico,
yet upon running into it haphazardly in the Chama River Wilderness,
it's no different than the myriad of cow trails
that dot wild grass and sagebrush that sneaks up on the river like
an advancing army.

Does this trail,
marked by sign and woodburned post really mark
the spot where water spills
into the polluted gulf
and vast Pacific?
Or perhaps this is some spur to the trail itself?

The wind is cool as I write this under
the wide canopy of a lone fir tree.
From this vantage point,
you'd never suspect that there is water nearby,
but upon bumping my shin
I'm reminded that the river dumped Mindy and I.
Until now, I didn't even notice the Navajo Sandstone
and red granite bluffs that protect the castle above.
Only-there isn't a castle above-
only more trees,
and rock.

May 30, 2010

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