January 3, 2010



In the dark, cleaning out cobwebs
is an intuitive jobs,
taking the broom, shop-vac, old t-shirt
to the corners of dark rooms
is either guessing if they're gone or spending so much time
that they disappear on their own and you're left holding
the broom, the shop-vac, the t-shirt,
in the dark corner of a dark room and you're no longer cleaning.

But some things require patience,
require standing still,
require holding and letting the machine do its job.
Like a writer who puts the pen to a blank page
or places his fingers on a keyboard and hopes that
the cobwebs haven't cluttered up too much of his brain
and he remembers how to type,
how to spell words,
how to hit a carriage return
and knows when to stop
and knows when to start again.

January 3rd, 2010

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