January 17, 2010

Border Rising

Okay, I must admit I like to hang out and drink and smoke and laugh.

Nothing reinforces that then a good road trip with friends. Road trip? Yes, for the debut of the play I'm in, "Border Rising," we took it to a border issues conference in Tucson, AZ. It was in a United Church of Christ sanctuary and packed.

As usual, we stumbled through missed cues and forgotten lines but the play was very well received and powerful. Darryl, Alicia and I laughed at the train wreck that it was and how we navigated it. Outside of Lee and Eric, we were probably the most experienced actors so we had some perspectives that the poets in the play (Manny, Mariah, and Jessica) didn't have and we all kind of liked the train wreck and how it pushes you.

We have 2 more rehearsals this week and then we come back to Silver City, NM to perform it here. Finally we wind up with a 3 day stand in Albuquerque the next week.

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