August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention

Greetings from the Democratic National Convention from my hometown, Denver, Colorado.

No... I don't call Denver home anymore, but I did graduate from high school and college here so I have an affinity for the place that goes beyond being just another big American city. I mean, this is where I read poetry for the first time, got my first blowjob, was thrown threw a car window, and discovered I was a good writer.

But seriously, I had absolutely no desire to deal w/ parking here, so I parked my car at 74th and Colorado and biked in. Not a bad ride had I not missed the turn and ended up nearly to Golden before turning around. I was short on water by the time I passed the Metropolitan Area Wastewater Treatment plant and begin composing some sort of rant about the relative joys of actually riding next the entire load of shit a city of 2 million plus dumps in a river while I slowly die of thirst.

I'm so dramatic at times. But I was thankful when a water fountain appeared at the National Guard armory that the bike path skirts as well. Then quickly followed by the guantlet of homeless shanties and into the downtown proper where I locked my bike up next to the Wynkoop brewery (which is where I'm heading next for sure).

As for the convention itself, the 16th street mall is positively electric. For a few brief days I feel relatively confident that the majority of people on the street see the world as I do, and hope that it is not too late (which after the latest Werner Herzog film I'm beginning to doubt).

And get this, I support capitalism but I am not paying a $100 for a T-shirt no matter how cool.

Will check in again tomorrow.

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