September 7, 2007

Post NPS

So, after Dallas, I pretty much didn't post.

Funny thing about NPS. I got so damn busy, that I just didn't have time. And now, roughly a month later, I'm rested.

It used to be, that after NPS it would take about two months before anybody would do any real poetry stuff. Sure, we'd have our regular shows, but rarely would we send out press releases, go to other readings, make flyers, etc. But its a testament to how integrated poetry is in our daily lives, that now we just fire up again. Of course, the Blue Dragon closing in July didn't help much because we had to replace those venues, which we did.

A few of things I'm thinking about.

1. I've been struggling with writing an "identity" piece. The idea is good, but the story if I don't rhyme it is so prosaic yet if I rhyme it I struggle to come up with good rhymes. I need to write more because I feel "rusty" and it is showing in this poem. Will post when I think it is finished, which after 3 drafts its most definitely not finished.

2. What happens when slam is not the cool thing? It pretty much is heading that way. How do you get people excited about something that is not "cool" anymore? I believe that is happening and I can scan the room at any slam and see that we're not reaching the "in" crowd. The poets that are reading, myself included, are not the "cool" kids either. I think there is a sort of passe thing happening with slam in ABQ. The people who come and read wanted to be accepted and cool, but they generally won't be. This is, of course, too simplistic an explanation of what is happening. But one I definitely am pondering as I look at my trendy, cool neighbors and wonder why they don't come to slams.

3. What are the things you should take into consideration when producing a poetry show?

Simple, 1) is there any money involved? 2) what material do you need to stage the event (PA table, etc.)? 3) how do you generate revenue (ticket sales, donations) and what is an okay price for a poetry event?, and 4) how much should you approach the event like a performance?

Think about those things and I'll try and post more frequently.

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