August 9, 2006

Monday Madness

What do you get when you volunteer to help out and have to take a taxi to get the Rent-a-Van?

You get three Chevy vans, three hotel rooms, and a the guardianship of a 17 year old under your name. It's enough to make the moderately responsible adult in me kind of freak out.

After picking up the vans, I got some quick directions and suddenly one of the organizers from last year is now shuttling people back and forth. At 2, I tossed my keys to someone else and registered ABQ and talked to people. About half the people are here and I ended up the evening at the Independence Brewery drinking free beer and vodka and enjoying the BBQ stylings of Bob Whoopiecat (Thank you Bob!).

Of course, just as the place is winding down the poets start heading back and the place isn't even clean. So, being the bossy SOB, I get up on the mike and pretty much tell the remaining poets to get to work cleaning this place up. Of course, there was the lost keys announcement, which I announced by making fun of the owner for putting a friendship bracelet on the key chain by saying, "Okay, we have a set of lost keys which has a blue friendship bracelet. Okay, so some hippie has lost their keys everybody."

Will try and add some pictures this afternoon.

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