August 11, 2006

Friday Afternoon


I keep "forgetting" to attend day events because I'm trying to catch up on sleep from the night before. I certainly can't party like I used to. I'm sure my doctor would appreciate me realizing this, but my brain is certainly giving it the college try.

I'm trying not to be nervous. Excited, jittery, looking forward to tonight's semi-final match up between ABQ, Charlotte, DC/Baltimore, Hawaii, and NYC-Urbana.

Not many action shots, but this one:

This is the poets from ABQ and Denver doing a group reading of a Trinidad Sanchez poem. Trinidad, or Trino, as we called him was the first city champion from ABQ in 1995. He moved to Denver and had been an active member of their scene as well. He suffered a stroke a couple of weeks passed and passed away. We wanted to honor him in some way.

Pictures from last night's bout:

Damien Flores from ABQ doing "Roommates."

Knocking it out of the park for Team ABQ.

Team Denver getting it ready.

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