August 17, 2006

Back in ABQ

Good to be home.

Definitely need a vacation from my vacation. The 2006 crew made it out to Austin and back. We still like each other and performed our poetry well. That we didn't make it past semi-finals really doesn't matter. Slam isn't really a competition. Though you hear the cliches, "if you perform your best..." There are still too many variables to make that a reality.

Gonna include some pictures:

Robbie Q (Team Normal) and Anthony Miller (Team San Jose).

The Nuyorican Poet's Cafe Team

That's me and Young American Eddie (Team Denver).

Kenn Rodriguez (Team ABQ) and Ms. Spelt (Team Vancouver)

Eric B. (Team ABQ) doing the Buddha impression at the Austin Motel.

K'trine & Lucille (Team France) at Hyatt Pool.

Jessica & Esme (Team ABQ)

Final thoughts: Having been to 5 of these things now, I'm still astounded at slams ability to bring people together. Though competitive, there's a lot of comaraderie and love amongst certain scenes that are familiar to each other. The preparation and time spent together locally is time we as poets need. The world barely tolerates us, and for a week, in August, we are surrounded by family, drawn into a fabric with words. Much respect poets. See you next year, if not before.

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