December 10, 2007

The Community Set

So, after playing a killer spoken word show yesterday I headed down to Damien and Adam's place so Damien could burn a copy of the show (he liked it so much). While the disc is burning, Damien asked, "If I put together a show would you play it?"

I said, "As long as its clean."

Well, on my way home I got to thinking. I do two radio shows a month. What if I opened one of them to the community?

So here's the proposal.

The Community Set:

Charge: Create a 20 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute Spoken Word set that is FCC friendly (basically no variations on the words, "shit" or "fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker, cunt, tits" or "asshole," in any language not just English. Note, "ass" is okay, but "asshole" is not. Keep in mind that context is important when using misogynist, racist, or homophobic language (you may be using it to make a specific point, which doesn't mean that I think anybody who reads this is a misogynist, racist, or homophobe)). I also reserve the right to not play a set (but I will let you know why) because I will pay if the material is inappropriate.

Process: Likewise, I need time.

There are a variety of ways that this can happen.

1. Easy on Don method: "Hey Don, I've recorded a set with back announcements (even adding, "You're tuned to 89.9 KUNM-Albuquerque, Santa Fe and listening to the Spoken Word Hour. I'm....") and music beds. Here's my cd of the show. Then I can just put in a CD and sit back and enjoy.

2. Not as easy. "Here's my 20 minute (or 30 minute or 60 minute set). From there you will give at least a track listing and short bio about who you are, which I will read on the air when I am back announcing the set. For example, "That last set was brought to you via Joe Sixpack who hails from Everywhere, USA where he's a member of the 2007 Everywhere team..." On this option, what you are hoping for is that I have the cd. I may not so you may have to send me an MP3 of the cut and I'll put it in the right format.

I'll also let you know when your set is airing so that you can tune in locally or on Note, in most cases I can't create a podcast of it because I don't have the rights to podcast pre-recorded music, but KUNM (as part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) does. But, if there is a set that I can easily attain the rights to I'll podcast it as well.

Questions for you: Does that seem workable?

Next question, "What exactly is Spoken Word?"

Now, we could get into a long discussion, but that is not the reason I am asking.

I have a very broad definition. By way of example, I am giving you a link to KUNM's site. From there, click on the playlists link and search for Spoken Word Hour and you'll get an idea of some of the stuff I've played as "Spoken Word." You'll also note, that there are indeed tracks that I've played that probably aren't radio friendly. In most cases, I've edited those pieces ("bleeped" the bad words out), so that I can play them.

Ethically, that is problematic, but I feel the exposure is worth it. If anybody is offended that I have played their work in an edited form, let me know and I'll stop playing it.

Questions for me?

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